Gina Botham

My love affair with jewellery began as a teenager where I worked for Noel Herd, a local Blenheim jeweller. Playing in the workshop during my lunch breaks, then being asked to help in the workshop, cemented in a passion for the creative process of jewellery making.

After some travel, marrying my husband Nigel and having our two boys, Archie and Charlie, I returned to my creative hobby and started GMW Jewellery just doing small repairs for friends and making jewellery to sell at local markets.

Fast forward 10 years and GMW Jewellery Limited has grown into a business I am immensely proud of. I still love my job and going to work everyday is something I look forward to with enthusiasm.

Amelia Pask

Coming from a long line of family history in Jewellery, it was inevitable that Amelia was going to be involved in the trade in some way or other. She has many years retail and on the job jewellery manufacturing and repair experience.  Also taught by Noel Herd Amelia has an eye for design and loves the creative challenges that working in the jewellery trade brings.

Having experienced both the retail and the manufacturing side of the trade helps us to best guide our clients on design and fashion trends while also being able to source materials, gemstones or ready made jewellery where it is best suited.

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