Gina’s love affair with jewellery began as a teenager when a job in a jewellery store opened her eyes to the craft of creating shiny, polished beauty. Playing in the workshop during her lunch breaks, then being asked to help in the workshop, cemented in Gina a passion for the creative process jewellery making. That passion was noticed by the store’s owner, Noel Herd, a well-known jeweller in Blenheim for 60 years, but no apprenticeship was available for Gina at the time.

Gina left the job to travel, work at the Marlborough Express and then as a real estate agent at Mark Stevenson First National. She married Nigel and they welcomed their first baby, Archie, in 2008. That year, Gina ran into Noel, by then retired, who recalled Gina’s budding jewellery talent and suggested she join night classes he ran at his workshop. There, Gina’s talent and love of designing flourished, but she soon realised her hobby was an expensive one.

To support it, she began doing jewellery repairs and building up her own collection to sell from home and at markets. Gina soon discovered she had a natural eye for what jewellery suited what people, their styles and their personalities.

By the time Gina and Nigel welcomed second son Charlie in 2011, Gina was working two part-time jobs to support her budding jewellery business and in 2012, had grown enough of a clientele to begin GMW Jewellery.

Gina is now completing her apprenticeship through Noel, which she juggles with raising her two active boys and running her business - it’s lucky she thrives on being busy. It’s all worthwhile when Gina can design, handcraft and finally hand over a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery that someone will cherish forever.



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