Jewellery is meant to be worn!

Yet sometimes those precious family heirlooms simply do not stand the test of modern times and end up languishing in back of the jewellery box.

This is where Gina at GMW Jewellers works her magic: She can transform any piece of older jewellery, be it your great-grandmother’s gold wedding band or a fine antique necklace, into something entirely to your taste.

Because Gina is able to re-use all the materials by melting down gold and carefully extracting diamonds or other gemstones, the original sentiment of the piece is retained.

Gina’s precise, skilled attention to detail depending on your instructions will mean you end up with a piece that is either something completely different, or a re-vamped twist on the original piece in a more contemporary style.

Not only do you save money by re-using these precious materials, but the stories and sentimental value behind your custom-made jewellery will surely make it a favourite piece to be worn every day.




Once a ring this 9ct gold sapphire and diamond beauty is now a modern pendant




Great Grandmothers diamond reset into a clean and simple Platinum Solitare




A variety of very old rings that spent their days in the jewellery box, are now worn regularly with pride. Very unique sandblasted sapphire and diamond pendant




Another ring rarely worn is now this stunning yellow and white gold diamond set pendant




A remake of some old gold, to this sapphire ring




Combine one black pearl with some old gold and diamonds and a lady with a great idea!




Once a few rings that were sitting lonely in a box. Now a ring with wow factor that is worn every day. One of my favourite remakes.




Take a box of old earrings with missing mates and a few other bits and pieces and a customers great idea. This pendant is unique, attractive and a great way to clear out the jewellery box.




This ring is a lovely combination of a families treasured heirloom rings that were beyond repair and sitting in a jewellery box. All melted down and made into one ring to be worn and treasured



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